It is great pleasure to present the  Annual Report of the Trust for the year  2012-2013  for the opinions, suggestions, approval and recommendations of the Members of the Board.

DRUC TRUST is a community based development organisation involved in specific empowerment and development activities with the active participation of the target communities who are socially marginalized, economically deprived, educationally backward and culturally conservative rural community. It is presently working in 15 under developed villages and hamlets in Kallal, Tiruppathur, Singampunari and S. Pudur Blocks of Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu, India.  It is also planning to extend the activities in other villages where there is a greater need for the unreached community. During the year 2012-2013, the Trust has implemented various programmes as follows:


Self Help Group (SHG) Formation and Training

This is a programme for empowering the women groups economically through self generated financial sources by way of savings and borrowings from banks for micro enterprises. We have so far formed 45 SHGs from very disadvantaged section of the society and the process is going on with good development perspectives. The training on SHG Management, Book-Keeping, and Accounts Preparation are the key contents, in which the organisation is developing capacity building for the SHG Leaders. During this year, 35 leaders were given such trainings from newly formed and old groups. This activity is to be strengthened with more coverage of not only women but also the adolescent girls in the target area.


Home for the Aged

This is the regular programme being implemented by the Trust. Under this project 25 aged persons including 12 women are being provided food and accommodation regularly apart from providing recreation and health care facilities.

They are provided food and snacks and also Medical care and support. There is a greater need for such type of homes. It is also planned to extend the services for the aged and also the children in need of care and protection.


Human Rights Awareness

Human Rights is a most essential aspect of services to protect the society from exploitation. So, it was planned to organize camp for creating awareness and motivating the community to protect themselves through proper approach with the  concerned protective institutions for better standard of living. A one  day programme was organized on Human Rights  for the women and youth leaders at Thiruppathur in Sivagangai district. The camp was experience sharing, legal aspects and protective measures. Forth five people participated in the camp.


Support for the Aged

With our limited means, a Day Care Centre is being run in our office premise. Through this centre, five to seven old age persons without proper care and support from the family members are provided nutrition and health care services during day time. This programme is to be strengthened in future with separate accommodation and other basic amenities.


School Enrollment Campaign

In order to develop the area as 100 literacy villages, the school enrollment campaign was organized for 15 days through field publicity services. It has given good impacts among the poor people in the villages. Most of the family members are in need of educational support by way of education materials and uniform dress. The school enrolment has been increased  through this campaign.


Educational Support to Students

This is our ongoing support activities for children in need of educational and medical support such as books, stationery, note books, dress materials and nutritional needs and also medicinal requirements. In this library, around 90 children are facilitated for various needs for continuing their education without drop out in the middle. We are seeking more support from other sources to strengthen this service in future.


Eye-Camp Programme

As one of the regular programmes, eye camp was organsied in the target village. The experts of ophthalmic treatment from Karaikudi participated as the team. In this camp more than 50 persons including women and children were undergone the consultation, prescription and treatment. Ten of them were recommended for obstacles.


Youth Cultural Programme

DRUC TRUST has a cultural group promoted from among the target village people in Sivagangai district. This is one of the awareness programme on social issues like environment, health, drinking water, biodiversity conservation, alcoholism and other crucial social issues. This programme is performed as per the plan of the village SHG and Youth Club members and they take active role in arranging stages, food and other requirements. It is one of the best media for creating awareness. The cultural events include street theatre, folk songs, dance and mimicry. There was good response for this type of approach among the village people.


Tree Plantation  Programme

This is a regular programme for environmental development activities by promotion of green cover in Sivagangai District of Tamil Nadu as a measure of support for the village people with the view of spreading tree plantation in pormaboke and patta lands so that the green cover. This was undertaken by the village SHG Members. The organisation supported the materials sucha s seed , plastic bags, organic manure and other inputs. This year the above materials for raising 2500 plants was supported to the participants.


SC/ST Welfare Programme

Training on Vocational Skills is a dire needs of SC/ST women and girls for their socio economic empowerment and independent living free from dependence of other family members. This ideology is fast developing among the women, specifically the girls who have completed school education. To meet their such needs, we have started a Tailoring Training centre in the office premises of the Trust. During this year, 34 girls were provided such informal training without time limit till they get through training and knowledge on the trades such as Garments Making, School bags making and fancy articles production. It is to be strengthened in coming year by introducing more trades.


Legal Aid Awareness for Women

Under this programme the Legal Awareness camp was organized for the leaders and members of Women Groups. The awareness programme was organized as  one day for 15 batches of 15 women each.  The participants were distributed Manuals for reference.  This is for strengthening legal knowledge on their rights and legal protection and proceedings.


World Women’s Day

As in the last year, the World Women’s Day was observed in March 2013, by the Leaders and members of the SHGs and Women Associations promoted by DRUC Trust. This was held at Thiruppathur where various Heads of Panchayats and Departments  This programme was jointly organized by the women groups and the organisation. DRUC Trust played a Facilitator role in this programme.


Conclusion :

While concluding this Report, we recollect the cooperation and coordination extended by the members, staff team, supporters and the target group members in our service to the deprived and disadvantaged communities during this year and also seek the same kind of cooperation in the years to come.                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                          G. EAGAMBAL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Managing Trustee



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